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Traditional Southern Fried Chicken has a crisp light brown seasoned coating, over moist and succulent meat. There should be very little oil penetration into the food.  

Pressure is basic to this method of food preparation.  The pressure is developed from the moisture present in the food.  When meat is placed in hot oil some of the moisture in the food is converted into steam and so pressure builds in the cooking pot.

Since steam builds up rapidly, most of the natural juices are retained in the food.  The steam trying to leave the food effectively stops some oil penetration.  Excess steam is allowed to vent from the cooker so that a constant low steam pressure is maintained.

The recommended cooking temperature is 165ºC, well below conventional frying temperatures.  Cooking time is typically 15 minutes for chicken joints.  The combination of lower temperature oil and shorter cooking times can result in energy savings and longer life for the cooking oil.  The oil must be filtered from time to time to remove excess breading mix.

If chicken is breaded in the normal way but cooked in an open top fryer the meat dries out.  The difference is very marked.  Southern Fried Chicken is best fresh from the cooker.

The safety aspects are similar to a small open top fryer except for the following.  The KUROMA pressure vessel itself has a unique pressure safe lid which makes it impossible to build up high pressures, and is among the safest pressure vessels anywhere.

Counter Top Pressure Fryers

Counter Top Pressure Fryers