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The Kuroma XL Pressure Fryer, designed for the smaller shop or the business on the move.

Kuroma are easy to use, fast, safe, and a great potential profit earner.

Complies with:  Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.  Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

Above all else, when used correctly, the taste of the fried chicken is excellent.

Pressure Frying

Counter Top Pressure Fryers

Recommended cooking capacity 2.2 kg in 13  - 15  minutes

Throughput 9.5 kg/hr.  (Approx.)

Stainless steel cabinet and lid

Aluminium pot

Thermostatic temperature control

Dead weight pressure control

Electromechanical timer

12 month guarantee


Pressure Fryer

Sensible sized Pressure Fryers - at very sensible prices!


220/240 volts, 3 kW, 50 Hz

Size 590 mm front to back x 420 wide x 495 high (approx).

Pot capacity 15 litres.  (Oil Capacity 6 litres).

Fish & chip shop in London (UK) using small KUROMA counter-top fryer.

1200 pieces of Southern Fried Chicken in his first week - covered the cost of the machine in that first week!

British Made! Counter Top Pressure Fryers

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