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A Fond Farewell from KUROMA: The Original and Still the Best

The KUROMA Pressure Fryer is a globally renowned pressure fryer, recognised around the world. Restaurants, pubs, takeaways, hotels and purveyors of good food all over the world use KUROMA Pressure Fryers. So it is with a heavy heart we at KUROMA say farewell…

Over 40 Years of Frying High

We began over 40 years ago, manufacturing in a small factory in Narborough, Leicestershire. KUROMA soon became known as the leading name in counter top pressure fryers. With a move in 1994 to Wigston, Leicestershire, business went from strength to strength and the KUROMA team thrived for many years. But sadly…

All Good Things…

The team at KUROMA have remained manufacturing pressure fryers for as long as conditions have allowed with love and care and although our pressure fryer manufacture has come to a stop, some of our distributors still carry spare parts. We recommend a visit to the distributors page for their contact details.  

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all staff, past and present who made the KUROMA pressure fryer and its success possible. And a special thank you to everyone KUROMA have had the privilege to do business with, over the too many years to remember.

Thank you!